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There are many different types of property crimes in North Carolina with each having a distinct level of severity and punishment. Generally speaking, property crimes involves taking property that belongs to someone else without permission. Property crime laws are complex, and the punishments range from misdemeanors to felonies. Regardless of what type of property crime you or a loved one may be faced with it is important that you have an attorney representing your interest.

The most common property crimes including the following:

  • Shoplifting - Shoplifting occurs when someone steals merchandise from a retail business by concealing it.
  • Larceny - Larceny occurs when goods are stolen from a business or person. If the goods stolen are valued over $1,000 then the crime is generally charged as a felony
  • Breaking & Entering - Breaking and Entering, or B&E occurs when someone breaks and/or enters property without permission. Generally, this is a misdemeanor, but it can be escalated to a more severe crime depending on other circumstances.
  • Robbery - Robbery occurs when someone takes or attempts to take property that is not theirs from someone else with a weapon, or threat of a weapon. Property can be taken from other individuals or a business. Robbery is a felony charge.
  • Burglary - Burglary occurs when a person forcefully enters into a building without consent intending to commit a crime. If there is no one in the building it is a second-degree offense. If a person is in the building, then the charge is escalated to a first-degree offense. Both first- and second-degree burglary are felonies.
  • Criminal Trespass - Criminal trespass occurs when someone comes onto property or refuses to leave property belonging to another person.  Criminal trespass can be a misdemeanor or felony depending on actions taken by the property owner as to their intent to keep out intruders.
  • Injury to Real Property - It is a misdemeanor to damage or otherwise cause injury to another’s public or private property.
  • White Collar Crimes - White collar crimes such as fraud or embezzlement involve taking money from another person without authorization. Depending on the circumstances involved, amount taken and if you were in a fiduciary position will determine if the crime is a misdemeanor or felony.

If you are facing charges for a property crime call Daren Gum today for a consultation at (828) 329-3835.

Being convicted of any kind of crime, including property crimes, can have long-lasting consequences. Depending on the severity of the crime you could be facing jail time, probation, monetary fines, and a permanent criminal record. Having a criminal record can have a negative impact on your personal life. It may jeopardize your housing, education, and future employment opportunities.

Daren Gum is dedicated to representing your interests in any property crime you may be faced with in around Buncombe County. He is able to provide efficient legal counsel to ensure that you are aware of all options and consequences. Having a knowledgeable attorney represent your interest in the early stages of a crime can make all the difference in mitigating the damage a criminal record causes to your future.

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